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Landscapes, cityscapes, acrylics, watercolours

Krystyna Wojcik is based in Cambridgeshire, UK, working in watercolour, acylic and mixed media.


I enjoy trying to capture colourful fleeting moments. 

The split-second moment that passes but leaves an impression.


You can contact Krystyna directly by using the contact form or leave a comment.

Krystyna Wojcik

Krystyna Wojcik - Artist


I initially sketch then work from photographs. I paint landscapes because I love the different moods they reveal – whether dark and stormy or bright and colourful. In cities I like watching the way people move – without knowing who they are you get an insight into their character.

Painting landscapes is an endless joy – the constantly changing light conditions, and the fact that there is always a different view to be seen being two of the most basic reasons – just moving a few feet to the left or right can change everything. And although I have a favourite palette of colours, different counties and different countries always require a different treatment, which further enhances the challenge and the sense of achievement. I most often paint with artists’ watercolours, because I love the transparency of the colours, and the challenging unpredictability of the process suits my temperament! 

Travel provides the opportunity to see compositions that quicken the heartbeat but the real joy lies in the complexity of watercolour.  It works with you if you give it space and excites, tantalises and (hopefully) rewards. Wherever I am, if I see a sight, a light, or a mood that appeals to me, I either make a quick sketch and note the colours or, if there’s no time to sketch, I take a photo; I always carry a camera. I never attempt to replicate exactly what I have seen – that doesn’t appeal to me. I try to paint the atmosphere.

Always fascinated by ‘Happenings’. Everyday life is filled with beautiful moments that don’t last. (I was influenced by Allan Kaprow and Cy Twombly).


1988 – Present

Started illustration agency Cambridge Illustrators

1991 – Present

Partner in Catalyst Design Partnership

1995 onwards

Regular exhibitor in art shows

Citicorp, Manhattan - Krystyna Wojcik
Taronga II - Krystyna Wojcik
Statue of the Mermaid, Warsaw - Krystyna Wojcik
Buying Cloth, Krakow - Krystyna Wojcik

"Painting is a creative way to lose yourself. The joy and challenge is in finding your own interpretation."